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Appointment of Internal Auditor for FY 2018-19
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A/RFCL/INTERNAL AUDIT/2018-19/6 Dated 16.05.2018 18-05-2018 06-06-2018  03:00:00 CO FINANCE
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Pre-Qualification of Manufacturers of HDPE Bags for procurement of HDPE Bags at Ramagundam Site
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RFCL/C&P/PQ/Bags/2018 18-10-2018 22-11-2018  03:00:00 CO C&P
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Lab Equipments
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RFCL/C&P/Lab Items/Part-A/Nov 2018 02-11-2018 05-12-2018  02:30:00 Unit C&P
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Annual Rate Contract for Landscape Development & Maintenance Works at Factory & Township, RFCL Ramagundam
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RFCL/SITE/CIVIL-Proj/Landscaping-CONT-31 16-11-2018 27-12-2018  03:00:00 Unit Civil
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ARC for construction and misc civil jobs in RFCL at RDM
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RFCL/CIVIL/Cont-27/ARC-Maint. Dated 16.11.2018 16-11-2018 27-12-2018  03:30:00 Unit Civil
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Implementation of ERP solution at National Fertilizers Limited ( NFL) & Ramagundam Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited (RFCL)
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NFL-537 07-02-2019 23-04-2019  02:30:00 CO IT
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P.Q. of Manufacturers of NEEM KERNAL OIL
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RFCL/C&P/PQ/NeeM Oil/2019 17-01-2019 28-02-2019  03:00:00 CO C&P
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Lab Items
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RFCL/C&P/Lab items/NC/DEC 2018 14-12-2018 15-01-2019  02:30:00 Unit C&P
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Lining up of Long term Contract for upkeep of VIP Guest House and International Guest House at RFCL
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RFCL/RDM/SITE/CONT 35/Guesthouse/Long Term 12-02-2019 13-03-2019  12:00:00 Unit HR
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RFCL/C&P/LIQUID NTROGEN/FEB 2019 12-02-2019 21-06-2019  02:30:00 Unit C&P
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RFCL/C&P/Methanol/Feb 2019 12-02-2019 21-06-2019  02:30:00 Unit C&P
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Implementation of ERP Solution at NFL & RFCL
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NFL-833 01-05-2019 30-07-2019  02:30:00 CO IT
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Annual Rate Contract for Electrical Maintenance Contract for RFCL Factory & Township, Ramagundam for One year
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RFCL/SITE/ELECT/CONT 01/ARC ELECT Dated: 22/06/2019 22-06-2019 09-07-2019  03:00:00 Unit
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ARC for Instrument Maintenance Jobs
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RFCL /INST/Cont-01/ARC/2019-20 22-06-2019 09-07-2019  03:00:00 Unit
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ARC for Miscellaneous Mechanical Maintenance jobs
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RFCL/Site/Mech/Cont-02/ARC Mech Maintenance 24-06-2019 17-07-2019  03:00:00 Unit
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ARC for Operation and Maintenance of Air Conditioning equipments at RFCL Site
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RFCL/Site/Mech/Cont-01/Air conditioners 24-06-2019 20-07-2019  03:00:00 Unit
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Tender for Cleaning, Sweeping & other Public Health Maintenance Works for RFCL Plant Area, Ramagundam
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RFCL/SITE/HR/ESTATE/CONT-02/RATE CONTRACT 24-06-2019 09-07-2019  03:00:00 Unit
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