The process steps necessary for production of 2200MTPD Ammonia (HTAS as Process Licensor) are as under:

1) The natural gas is desulfurized to ppb level in the desulfurization section by catalytic reaction.

2) The desulfurized hydrocarbon feed is reformed in refractory lined Primary and Secondary Reformers and HTER (proprietary equipment of HTAS) with steam and air into raw synthesis gas (process gas) by another catalytic reaction. The gas contains mainly hydrogen, nitrogen,carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and steam.

3) In the gas purification section, the CO is first converted into CO2 by catalytic reaction. Then the CO2 is removed from the process gas in the CO2 removal section by selective chemisorption of CO2 in aMDEA solution in subsequent Unit Operation, which is a proprietary knowhow of M/s BASF.

4) The CO and CO2 residues in the gas outlet of the CO2 removal unit are converted into methane by catalytic reaction with H2 before the synthesis gas is sent to the ammonia synthesis loop.

5) The purified synthesis gas is compressed and then routed to the ammonia synthesis loop,where it is converted into ammonia by another catalytic reaction for which HTAS proprietary catalyst baskets are used. In order to limit the accumulation of Argon and Methane in the loop,a purge stream is taken and processed in Purge Recovery and then followed by Hydrogen Recovery. The liquid ammonia product is depressurized during which the dissolved gases, let-down gas and inert gas, are flashed off. The product Ammonia is sent to either urea plant for further process for making urea or to atmospheric pressure-cryogenic storage(In case urea plant is having any problem).