Ongoing Projects

The company is setting up a Mega Capacity Green field Gas based Ammonia Urea Complex at Ramagundam, District Karim Nagar in the state of Telangana with annual production of 12.70 Lakh MT of Urea. The complex will comprise of Ammonia Plant of 2200 MTPD capacity and Urea Plant of 3850 MTPD capacity. In addition, the company is setting up Gas Based Captive Power Plant which will meet the power requirement of ammonia urea complex.

The company has already awarded Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management Consultancy Contract to M/s Engineers India Limited. The Process Technology has been finalized and selected for Ammonia and Urea plants which are best proven technology.

RLNG/Natural Gas will be transported to Ramagundam plant through main trunk pipeline of Mallavaram-Bhilwara- Bhopal-Vijaipur (MBBVP) Pipeline by laying out spur line of length of 29 km from the nearest take off point on the main trunk line by M/s GITL.