Human Resource

RFCL has set-up a Natural Gas-based Ammonia Urea complex along with Offsite &Utility facilities at Ramagundam, Telangana with a design capacity of 2,200 MTPD Ammonia Unit and 3,850 MTPD Urea Plant. It is a matter of pride that RFCL plant is now running successfully with over 100% capacity. In this journey so far, RFCL has developed a treasure of invaluable Manpower asset whose contribution towards establishing RFCL has been outstanding.


At RFCL, utmost importance is given to its Human Resource, which is considered as the most important asset. We at RFCL believe that only engaged employees will go beyond the expectations and walk extra mile which is critical for realizing company’sVision and Mission which in turn fulfils business strategy. In order to put out the true potential of our employees, our HR policies, systems and processes are customized towards engaging the hearts and minds of the employees and their families.


The core HR strengths which make RFCL a unique workplace are:

  1. Young and qualified Human Resource
  2. Employee friendly HR policies
  3. Accessible Senior leadership of the Company
  4. Free and open communication process


The Performance Management System (PMS) in RFCL is based on Key Performance Area (KPAs) and Behavioural & Potential Competencies. RFCL promotes "Performance Oriented Culture" and also provides adequate emphasis on providing work-life balance. All our efforts are focused at creating a workplace for our employees which is not only intellectually stimulating but also fun at work.


Besides ensuring statutory compliances, RFCL continues its focus on providing best employee welfare practices in the company. Social Security Scheme for the family of deceased employee, In-patient and Out-patient Medical Facility, well developed township, Group Personal Accident Insurance to all the employees, Maternity and Paternity leaves, etc. are some of the policies to cater to the employees and their families. RFCL township has facilities such as School, Sports Club, Gym, Swimming Pool, Library, etc. for our employees and their family members. Various festivals and events are celebrated throughout the year such as Independence Day, Republic Day, Diwali, Holi, Women’s Day, Foundation Day, Sports tournaments, etc. which gives an opportunity to our employees and their family members to socially interact with one another and develop a feeling of being part of the RFCL family.


The process of Recruitment in RFCL is transparent and focused to hire best suitable candidates. RFCL is not only providing employment but also stirring career through challenging work tasks, supportive work environment, open and transparent systems, Social &Financial Security, etc.

Digitization of various processes in RFCL are on fast track through implementation of ERP and e-Office, which will improve fairness and transparency in the whole system.